Technology and Research Park

USA Technology & Research Park Admissions

Admissions Requirements for Corporate Park Participants

I. In order to be eligible for consideration as a participant in the USA Technology & Research Park, a company must engage primarily in knowledge-intensive business operations whose activities complement the academic mission of the University of South Alabama.  Any company which engages primarily in heavy industrial manufacturing, warehousing or other similar such activities typically shall not be eligible for consideration as a USA Technology & Research Park company.

II. Companies who want to participate in the USA Technology & Research Park must, in advance of application for admission, join with at least one faculty member, department, college, center, institute or other entity at USA to develop an interactive and ongoing relationship that will benefit both the company and the USA academic community.  This proposed new or expanded partnership will form the primary basis for approval of the company’s application for acceptance into the USA Technology & Research Park.

Such partnerships may include, but are not limited to:

1. The creation or expansion of a student internship and/or training program; or

2. Service by company employees as instructors, guest lecturers or adjunct faculty for courses taught at USA; or

3. Research collaboration with the USA partner, whether on federal grants or contracts or on projects funded by industrial or non-profit entities, including research funding by the company itself; or

4. A donation of equipment, software or other in-kind support which will further the academic and research mission of the University; or

5. Other activities which demonstrate serious commitment to a dynamic partnership between the university and the company, as are deemed appropriate.

III. Companies approved as USA Technology & Research Park participants will be expected to actively maintain the relationship proposed for admission through regular interaction with faculty and/or students in USA’s intellectual community.  The company and the University will enter into an agreement outlining each party’s ongoing activities and responsibilities.

IV. Certain businesses that are complementary to the operations of the University of South Alabama and USA Technology & Research Park companies, such as a hotel, a conference center, support facilities or other uses, as deemed appropriate, may also be approved for inclusion in the USA Technology & Research Park.  The full list of allowable land and building uses for the USA Technology & Research Park can be found in Section 2.0 of the Development Guidelines.